Illuminating Tanzanian homes


How might a different approach to household illumination off the grid look like?


Focus groups led to the right portfolio of lighting appliances to offer.


Mobisol’s sales team was unsatisfied with available lighting accessories, while with Mobisol, Klara Lindner and Sebastian Weida were tasked to investigate whether it made sense to enhance the current product portfolio tp provide a more diverse access to lighting appliances.

A selection of lighting appliances being introduced at  Mobisol-shops to further evaluate their market-potential across the brand.


We kickstarted the research project in the living room of existing clients: How did they install Mobisol’s solar system and equipment? What does a typical day look like and what role plays light in it? We then went to local markets of interior and electrical accessories for a local competitor assessment. Based on our insights, we created a range of lighting concepts. Then, with the help of a suitcase full of Ikea lamps and a soldering iron, we built working prototypes that could be connected to Mobisol solar systems. Placed in homes, shops and schools, we elicited feedback from different types of users.

Ultimately, we delivered the four most prominent use cases for lighting and matching product proposals. Our research also triggered a different system bundling and a redesign of the house wiring layout, which saved Mobisol hundreds of thousands of Euros.