Lovolab is a collective of likeminded researchers, managers and designers.

We combine our skills to help you design a more equal and sustainable future.

We do

Coaching & facilitation

We introduce people and organisations to concepts and ways of thinking that can spark innovation, creativity and participatory change. We design workshop formats and offer moderation/facilitation services.


From social sciences and mixed method to exploratory and user research. We deep dive into the challenges and provide context, insights and learnings.


From service, product, and business to space, experience and interaction. We ideate and co-create, prototype, test and iterate concepts and solutions.


Rent us! We supplement your team with our experience or become your devil’s advocate challenging ideas and providing expert feedback.

We believe

Even though the world is starting to notice that we ought to deal wisely with the resources left, we get the impression that too much time is wasted on bullshit problems, while the hard nuts remain uncracked.

All the same, neither an overly serious face nor supersmart technologies alone will answer the soaring calls for transformation – but it needs playful approaches and all our creativity combined.

We don’t believe in competition or that “the market will fix it”. We will only make it if we tap into our collective intuition, take inclusion seriously and redefine the meaning of success.

Nonetheless, we are not moving any faster by working like crazy. We are convinced that everyone needs time to unfocus – to make space, gain inspiration and give serendipity a chance.

We worked on

Redefining urban logistics

How might we boost the uptake of e-cargo bikes by residents and businesses in Berlin Kiez? 

with TU Berlin Centre For Entrepreneurship

Discover complexity

How might we kickstart a community of practice around mindful R&D in the context of Global South?

with Johnson Jacka

Vespa Island

How might we uncover the mysterious ubiquity of Vespas on Zanzibar?

Illuminating Tanzanian homes

How might a different approach to household illumination off the grid look like?

with Mobisol

Fundi App

How might we empower local technicians to maintain solar home systems in rural Africa?

with Paygee / Mobisol 

Involving the youth in politics

How might we get young people to participate in politics?

with nexus Institute


Find us on ↗︎ Medium where we irregularly publish stories about our work, motivations and experiences.

We are


Klara Lindner

Klara is a service designer with an engineering background, striving to make human-centered design useful for processes of innovation and change.


Kannika Thaimai

Kannika is an organizational developer and sustainability pro who pairs her charms with Berlin bluntness to get people aligned and projects done.

Personal website:
↗︎  linkedin.com


Sebastian Weida

Sebastian is a business designer and creative mind with hands-on experience and deep understanding of challenges in emerging markets.

Personal website:
↗︎  linkedin.com


Felix Westphal

Felix is a UX and UI pro, quick when it comes to building and testing physical + digital prototypes. A perfectionist when it’s time to create final designs from journey maps to micro interactions.

We work with